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Accurate Glass & Splashbacks are experts in the design,  manufacture, supply and installation of frameless toughened glass pool fencing.

Our attention to detail and precise, methodical approach sets us apart from the competition. 

With 4 yearly pool fence safety inspections now required in Melbourne, it doesn’t make sense to cut corners on pool fence design and installation. We can help you make your pool area a centerpiece of your project or property, and avoid ongoing compliance issues. Contact us today for further information.


Many companies offer frameless glass pool fencing using similar materials and methods, but the end result can vary dramatically.

Attention to detail is everything in frameless glass. From the initial measurements to the final adjustments, the skill, patience and standards of those carrying out the work will show in the finished product.

If you have an eye for detail, choose Accurate Glass. We will take the time and make the effort to ensure your glass fence impresses for years to come.


Accurate Glass only offers frameless glass pool fencing. A variety of fixing methods are available, with our recommendation being mini posts, or “spigots” – pictured. We can also offer channel fixed and face fixed installations where appropriate.

We use high quality hardware manufactured from either 316 marine grade or duplex 2205 stainless steel for all of our installations. Our standard hardware is available in square or round shapes and in polished, satin, and black finishes.

Glass pool fences are best suited to installation into concrete slabs. Ensure there is a footing at least 150mm thick wherever the glass fence is located.  Our preferred method is to core drill large diameter holes for each post, and then secure the posts with a structural non-shrink grout. This ensures a strong stable installation long term.

Installation to timber or other structures is possible, but requires careful planning. Most joists used for decking are not wide enough to support the spigot baseplates, so will need to be doubled up or blocked securely wherever the fence is located. For a safe installation, solid structural fixing is required for every post. Fixing only to decking for example is poor practice and potentially dangerous. Timber structures need to be designed and built to accommodate the additional loads imposed by the fence itself and people leaning against it. As the individual panels are not connected to each other, these loads can be significant.

Feel free to contact us for design advice on your project.

Generally 12mm toughened clear glass is used for pool fencing. In most cases, we use modular panels of standard incremental sizes to keep costs down. All of the glass we use is of high quality and compliant with Australian Standards. We also custom manufacture panels where necessary and can offer fully custom manufactured glass fences for a perfect fit or to accommodate unique designs.

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