Accurate Glass & Splashbacks are experts in the manufacture, supply and installation of 12mm toughened frameless glass pool fencing.



The most popular type of frameless glass fencing is probably the “mini-post” or “spigot’ installation method (pictured). This is best suited to installation to concrete slabs at least 150mm thick, although installation to timber or other structures is possible. The preffered method is core drilling large diameter holes for each post, and then securing the posts with a structural non-shrink grout. Square and round posts are available, in satin or polished marine grade stainless steel.



A variation to this method is using a mini-post with a flat base plate.This is obviously necessary for installations to substrates other than concrete. With this method, generally it is more difficult to get the fence perfectly straight (an important feature of a quality glass fence installation), although with great care and effort good results can still be achieved. For a safe installation, solid structural fixing is required for every post. Fixing only to decking for example is poor practice and potentially dangerous.



There are also other options, including “pin” or “face” fixing using stainless steel “stand-off pins” or “glass anchors”. This is where glass is fixed against a vertical surface through holes in the glass. This can be great for eliminating climbing holds.

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Many companies offer frameless glass pool fencing using similar materials and methods. Reputable companies will (usually) use certified products and follow industry standards. But what single factor has the greatest influence over the appearance and reliability of your frameless glass pool fence installation?



The particular person(s) designing and installing your pool fence.



Are they meticulously checking every measurement, every angle, and striving to get your job as close to perfect as humanly possible? Or are they under pressure to knock the job over as quickly as they can and get on to the next one? Attention to detail is everything in frameless glass. From the initial measurements to the final adjustments, the skill, patience and standards of those carrying out the work will show in the finished product.



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