Want to Improve Your Renovation ROI? Accurate Glass & Splashbacks Offers Custom Glass Splashbacks to Toorak, Hawthorn and Brighton.

The pursuit of quality drives every home buyer - quality construction, quality materials and quality installation. It's through the quality of work that a strong ROI is achieved, with Business Insider noting that successfully remodelled kitchens earn a 66% overall return. This room attract potential buyers and serve as the ultimate style showcases.

Glass splashbacks in Toorak, Hawthorn and Brighton, therefore, are perfect additions to any renovation. They deliver impeccable results, fusing each space with customised design and high quality materials. They enhance your renovation and help with impressive returns - which is why Accurate Glass & Splashbacks connects our clients to the professional installation they deserve. Call us for a quote today.

Accurate Glass & Splashbacks: About Us

Since 2013, we've served as a leading glass splashbacks provider in Hawthorn, Toorak and surrounding areas of Melbourne. We boast a dedicated team, pairing trade-qualified glazing with efficient installations; our use of locally manufactured products ensures both quality control and quicker timelines. We believe in superior service.

We also recognise the value of customisation. Our glass splashbacks in Brighton, Hawthorn and the surrounding areas are made-to-measure - combining rich colouring, mirrored finishes and painstaking constructions. This allows our clients to create dynamic spaces and eventually capture high ROIs at the time of sale.

Choosing Glass Splashbacks in Toorak and surrounds

A recent Real Estate.com article highlighted the five most important elements home-buyers consider when looking at kitchens. Among those five were craftsmanship, practical components and specialisation - three philosophies we embrace with our glass splashbacks in Hawthorn.

Custom design elevates every room and tailoring glass splashbacks for Brighton homes will create an immediate impact. It suggests both a commitment to design and investment in quality; and this increases ROIs.

To ensure that each kitchen will impress, we offer a series of glass splashbacks in Toorak and surrounds. These are locally made and carefully crafted, with their 6-mm materials conforming to relevant Australian Standards. Their seamless shapes will complement every room while their efficient installations counter the stresses associated with renovation.

The Value of Experience: Choosing Glass Splashbacks in Hawthorn and surrounds

Design is a key component in every renovation project. Construction, however, ultimately decides the longevity of each product - and this is why we provide superior service. Our team (led by qualified glazier Oscar Meech) offers the latest installation techniques, as well as a dedication to detail. We ensure that every project meets our client's expectations.

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