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Accurate Glass & Splashbacks Pty Ltd is Based in Oakleigh, Melbourne, and services all Melbourne suburbs, with a focus on the local South Eastern suburbs. We are happy to provide our glass splashback, frameless shower screen and other glazier services anywhere around Melbourne and even regional areas of Victoria, however we may ask you to provide information via phone or email so we can provide you with a quote first, depending on the distance to your location.


For helpful information, please browse our web pages. You can also request a quotation using the form provided, or contact us via phone for friendly advice. We hope to hear from you soon! Check out our Melbourne glass splashbacks gallery here.


Glass splashbacks are used to protect wet areas in your Melbourne home including the kitchen, laundry bathrooms and more. With a virtually limitless amount of colours available, glass splashbacks can be tailored to suit any Melbourne home’s decor. If you’re looking to add a low maintenance and modern touch to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, a glass or mirror splashback from Accurate Glass & Splashbacks Melbourne is the perfect option.


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Further Notes on Glass Splashback Colour Selection and Application

One of the great advantages of using glass splashbacks in your Melbourne home is the virtually endless choice of colours possible. Since the colour is achieved by applying a paint coating to the reverse side of the glass, the key limiting factors here are the quality of the paint system used, and the skill and attentiveness of the person(s) mixing and applying the coating. While most companies strive to achieve reasonably consistent results, in practice there will always be some degree of variation from batch to batch, and more consistent results cost more to produce, both in time and in materials. Lighter colours are the most difficult to produce with consistent repeatability, largely due to the tiny amounts of tinters (sometimes as little as 0.01%) which are added to a white base to achieve a light tone. Customers and designers need to be aware that more variation in glass splashback finishes is likely to occur with very light colours. There are also many other variables which we won’t go into here.


The infinite spectrum of glass splashback colours available can sometimes make selecting “the best” colour seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. One common mistake people make is getting ahead of themselves, and trying to finalise the colour selection before their kitchen has even been installed. While it’s always good to plan ahead, the glass is one of the last things to be manufactured and installed, so there is no need to fully commit to a glass splashback colour in the early stages of planning on domestic jobs. Try and think about your overall colour scheme; for example, if you are going with black bench tops, then you are probably better off using a lighter colour for your glass splashback, to create contrast. Leave the final selection until your kitchen has been installed. That way you can inspect samples in your own home, under the usual lighting conditions and amongst the colours that the splash back will be subject to. This has a huge impact on the perception of colour. There is so much to think about, so focus on your other materials first. You can always find a glass splashback colour to complement them later.


Which brings us to an important point… What makes most professionally designed spaces in homes look so good? Usually, simplicity. Most designer interiors are predominantly white, with a couple of colours carefully selected. If you have a brown living space meeting a yellow kitchen, with two more colour tones on your cupboards and a contrasting bench-top, how are you ever going to find a colour for your splashback to complement all of that? It’s very difficult, and sometimes impossible. When renovating your kitchen, think about the colour of the space. Compared to more expensive hard materials like cupboards, bench-tops and glass splash-backs, painted walls and skirting boards are easy and cheap to change. Don’t let your room colour dictate your other finishes.


Don’t introduce too many colours. Black and white surfaces aside, two colours are usually enough for any space, and three are usually too much! If you plan to use more than one distinct “feature” colour, keep your colours in the same tonal range. Take the neutral/grey/brown colours which have been so popular over the last few years for example. So many colours fall into this range, and you could call almost all of them brown or grey (or browny-grey!). But look at them objectively, and you will see that some of them are yellowish, and some are purplish. Some obviously contain black or red, while others do not. Try and group potential colours like this and choose a couple from the same family, a lighter one and a darker one. Don’t choose two that are too close together, and don’t put a purplish beige with a yellowish-beige, they will clash horribly!


Contrast is another thing to consider. Matching your glass splashback as closely as possible to your cupboards or bench-top is almost always a bad idea. They will never quite look the same. Contrast is your friend. If you have a speckled bench-top, choosing a glass splashback colour that matches the colour of one of the flecks can often work well, if it will contrast with the overall tone of the bench-top material.


Finally, if you plan to put your Melbourne property on the market in the foreseeable future, try to choose colours that have a wide appeal. If you are planning to stay and enjoy your new kitchen, do what you really like. Don’t worry about what others think! It’s a very personal choice, and yours is the only opinion that matters. Try and remove the emotion, don’t stress, and make an objective choice. Hopefully these tips will help to make your colour of glass splashback selection easier. If you choose Accurate Glass for your splashback installation we can offer you professional advice on the right colour selection for your home.

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