Frameless glass shower screens offer the home owner or end user the following advantages over framed and semi-framed designs:


+ Aesthetically pleasing creating the illusion of space, and an elegant classy finish.

+ Extremely tough, solid and robust, when designed and installed by Accurate Glass your frame-less shower screen will outlast any other system.

+ Low Maintenance. The minimalist design and lack of aluminium extrusions makes Accurate Glass shower screens extremely easy to keep clean. I also offer a nano-coating treatment which eases cleaning further in areas with hard water or heavy use.


We only use quality Australian Made 10mm toughened Grade A Safety glass and the best plated brass hardware, allowing us to offer a 7 year warranty on parts and installation with confidence. We offer all the usual finishes such as round or square hardware, satin or polished chrome, black plated (on trend), with further custom hardware finishes available on request. Standard or low iron glass are both available in clear or etched finishes (for privacy).


All projects are designed, measured and overseen personally by the business owner, so you can rest assured that there will be no compromise on strength, design or quality. Contact us below now for a free quotation.


*If renovating your entire bathroom, don’t forget to consider colour-backed glass as a wall cladding in your shower recess area.


We also offer semi framed options for those projects operating on a tighter budget.

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What is the difference between our service and the larger companies?

I will manage your project personally. I have over 10 years experience in frameless shower screen design and installation. My methods and hardware selection have been developed through application in thousands of prestige bathroom projects. Many companies use sales reps with no trade background and unqualified casual labourers for installation. As a trade qualified glazier I can offer you sound design advice and expert installation.


All of our shower screens are custom made to measure in Australia and we do not use or install imported kit shower screens. We only use stainless steel fixings, and quality hardware from tried and tested Australian suppliers.

– Oscar Meech. Proprietor

Why don't you use imported shower screens?

In my humble opinion using an imported kit defeats the purpose of having a frameless shower screen since the pre-made sizes almost never fit properly, causing ugly silicone joins, poorly fitting doors and/or panels which are not level in height.


Also many companies supply hardware and glass of questionable quality, with chrome that peels off, “brass” that rusts, hinges that slip or have a rough creaky action. Many of the people running these companies and installing these products do not come from a trade background, and some are completely unaware of the relevant Australian Standards and trade practices that ensure your family’s safety when using an experienced and qualified trade contractor.


And finally, to support Aussie jobs! The Australian glass manufacturing industry supports thousands of Australian families, but has been heavily affected by dumping of Chinese product by people looking for a quick buck. Support local industry, and who knows? Maybe your kids will have a job when they grow up, other than unloading shipping containers from China.

Fit and Finish

Accurate Glass specializes in producing an excellent finish even in the most challenging environments and designs. However, the better the finish of your bathroom, the easier it is for us to do an excellent job. Your walls do not need to be perfectly plumb but they should be flat to a straight edge for the best possible finish. A wavy or bumpy wall will detract from the overall finish. For this reason it is advisable to use a qualified and reputable tiler and carpenter or bathroom specialist.

No Hob/Flat Floor Designs

Flat floor designs with no recess or hob to trap the water look amazing, but commonly fail to perform as intended in brand new Australian homes. Many contractors are still used to shower screens having a 25-30mm frame all the way around. This forms a barrier allowing the shower floor to “fill up” if the drain does not flow fast enough. No big deal – unless you have a frameless shower screen with a very small barrier or none at all. In this case, you might find that when you turn your new tap on, the water flows out the door and into your bedroom!


In all cases, the floor should ideally “fall” towards the drain from all directions to prevent water pooling.


However, If your design features a flat shower area level with the rest of the bathroom (no hob and no recess in the shower space), it is DOUBLY IMPORTANT that you ensure there is adequate “Fall” towards the drain in the shower area. The more the better, and 10mm or so should be considered the minimum.


DON’T ASSUME your tiler/project manager will know and do this, as it is a lot of extra work over the bare minimum. Try to find a tiler or bathroom specialist with a good reputation and ask them if they have setup bathrooms with frameless shower screens before. Make your design requirements clear from the outset.


Consider using a long grate drain where possible (so that the floor can be sloped in one direction) or consider a “step down” design (where the shower area is about a tile thickness lower than the rest of the bathroom).


Contact us if you need any further information.