We offer the supply and installation of high quality custom made frameless glass shower screens Melbourne wide. 

Elegant. Durable. Timeless. These qualities are key reasons frameless glass shower screens are routinely specified by Melbourne’s top architects and designers in high end homes.

But a shower screen in a cardboard box is not equal to a custom screen, designed, locally manufactured and installed by the experienced professionals at Accurate Glass.

We source the best quality frameless shower screens right here in Melbourne and premium hardware systems from around the world. Our dedicated team will ensure your custom frameless shower screen is the centerpiece of your bathroom, and will stand the test of time.

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Accurate Glass is your best choice for outstanding quality in custom frameless glass shower screens in Melbourne


A trade qualified glazier will manage your frameless shower screen project personally. With over 15 years experience in frameless shower screen design and installation in Melbourne, you can be sure our team will offer you sound design advice and expert installation to the highest possible standard.

We are meticulous about measuring precisely to ensure all frameless shower screens are fitted to the tightest possible tolerances, which makes all the difference both in appearance and performance.

All of our frameless shower screens are custom made to measure in Melbourne and we do not use or install imported kit shower screens. We only use stainless steel fixings, and quality hardware from tried and tested Australian suppliers.

All substrates are thoroughly cleaned prior to installation in accordance with supplier guidelines for adhesives and sealants. All fixing penetrations are carefully sealed to prevent leaks.

We feel that using an imported kit set defeats the purpose of frameless shower screens – an impressive precision product fitted to tight tolerances. Few bathrooms are built perfectly square or to exact dimensions so the installs end up looking sloppy. Questionable hardware quality is a recurring problem. Finally by using glass processed and toughened right here in Melbourne, we can be sure the glass meets all Australian Standards for safety, and our local suppliers are accountable for this.

Unlike semi frameless shower screens, truly frameless shower screens have no visible framing – providing an ultra sleek finish to any bathroom. We pride ourselves on an excellent frameless shower screen fit and finish and go to great lengths to achieve this. Quality carpentry and tiling work goes a long way to making this a straight forward affair. If walls are bowed or kinked, glass can be processed with modern machinery to accommodate this, but it comes at an extra cost. The better the quality of your overall bathroom build, the better fit we are able to achieve.

Flat floor designs with no recess or hob to trap the water look amazing, but commonly fail to perform as intended in brand new Australian homes. Many contractors are still used to shower screens having a 25-30mm frame all the way around. This forms a barrier allowing the shower floor to “fill up” if the drain does not flow fast enough. No big deal – unless you have a frameless shower screen with a very small barrier or none at all. In this case, you might find that when you turn your new tap on, the water flows out the door and into your bedroom!

In all cases, the floor should ideally “fall” towards the drain from all directions to prevent water pooling.

However, If your design features a flat shower area level with the rest of the bathroom (no hob and no recess in the shower space), it is DOUBLY IMPORTANT that you ensure there is adequate “Fall” towards the drain in the shower area. The more the better, and 15mm or so should be considered the bare minimum.

Consider using a long grate drain where possible (so that the floor can be sloped in one direction) or consider a “step down” design (where the shower area is about a tile thickness lower than the rest of the bathroom).

With proper planning this issue can be easily avoided. Contact us if you need any further information.

There are two issues that commonly arise from this design:

  1. This creates a gap where the door meets the wall. If the shower outlet is mounted on the same wall as the door, a lot of water comes off the back and shoulders and can track out of the shower area through this gap. Mounting a door to the wall is inadvisable in this case. We recommend using a small fixed panel to create a sealed corner, or moving the shower outlet to another wall if possible (e.g. – opposite the door as pictured here)                                                                                                                                       
  2. Frameless shower screen doors are heavy, often weighing 30-50kg. It is well worth it to block out the wall 2-3 studs wide to ensure solid fixing is available if you wish to hang a door directly from a wall. Cement sheet with tile may provide a strong enough surface, but why risk it? Plaster is becoming more common as a substrate in bathrooms and offers little strength. You are then relying on the tile to hold the weight of the door – this is best avoided.


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