Internal GLASS Sliding Doors


Looking for quality internal glass sliding doors for your home in Melbourne? We can fabricate, supply and install glass and aluminium interior sliding doors from a range of high quality systems to suit your unique application. Multiple stacking door leafs, wall or ceiling mounted, clear or opaque glass, anodised or powder coated aluminium frames are all options. Suitable for a range of applications in your home including ensuites, hallways, home offices, or converting a section of living space into a spare bedroom or multifunctional space. Reclaim your privacy or peace and quiet – reduce noise and energy consumption. Contact us for a quote today.

Reduce noise while preserving natural light

Top hung doors require significant structural fixing for reliable operation. Ceiling battens are generally not adequate; A solid beam is ideal and required for heavier doors. This “barn style” door is fixed into a solid laminated engineered timber beam behind the plaster. Concrete and brick also offer good fixing. Stud walls can work with the correct choice of track system.

For jobs with inadequate structural elements to hang large heavy doors from above, our bottom track system is extremely versatile (see above and below); since the top track is a guide only, it can be retro fitted into existing spaces without the need for major construction works to install load bearing elements in the roof space of your home.

We work with a range of aluminium frame and track systems which offer the following features:


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