Accurate Glass & Splashbacks offer the professional supply and installation of custom printed glass splashbacks (sometimes referred to as photo splashbacks, image glass splashbacks, or picture splashbacks) throughout all suburbs of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and regional Victoria. 

Printed glass splashbacks allow for the ultimate customisation of any wet area in your Melbourne home, including kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Accurate Glass Splashbacks can print virtually any design you desire onto our glass splashbacks using the very latest in glass printing technology to provide outstanding resolution, detail and colour quality. Popular choices often include include nature prints, patterns and landscapes.

Printed glass splashbacks offer the same durability and ease of cleaning as regular glass splashbacks but with the added character of an eye catching pattern or beautiful image which gives your kitchen a stunning ‘wow factor’.
Whether you have an existing image in mind, or need some help to find the perfect image or pattern for your kitchen, Accurate Glass & Splashbacks can help with every step of the process.

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, outstanding workmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. Contact us now to discuss the perfect printed glass splashback for your Melbourne kitchen, bathroom, laundry or other wet area and receive a free quote.



When choosing an image for your custom printed glass splashback the three most important considerations are:


Our custom printed glass splashbacks are manufactured using the latest in large format printing technology. After the glass panels have been cut to size, processed and toughened, the glass is primed, and then the image is printed directly onto the glass panels using a large format flat bed digital printer. After the ink is dry, a protective coat of paint is applied over the back – the same tough, high quality paint we use on our coloured glass splashbacks. This seals and protects the image from damage during transit, installation and over the life of the product. Our printed glass splashbacks are covered by the same 7 year warranty as our standard coloured glass and mirror splashbacks.

You can select any digital image for your printed glass splashback, but a well taken, high resolution image from a professional digital camera (DSLR) is recommended, as the final prints tend to be large. This could be something you have taken yourself, or could be sourced from a photographer or online photo repository. Contact us before paying for images as we may be able to source a suitable image for you at no additional cost.

Another option is scalable vector graphics or “svg” files – a form of digital line drawing. As the name implies, these can be scaled to any size without degrading in quality, and include tessalating patterns (patterns which can repeat infinitely). Try a google search if you are unfamiliar with these.

When selecting an image, consider the shape of your splashback panels (also known as the aspect ratio). Usually, splashbacks are wide and not very tall, so landscape or panoramic images tend to work best in most cases. We can always crop a larger image, but stretching usually doesn’t look great. This is another reason why it’s important to start with large, high quality images.

We can even print images of natural stone such as marble, to give you that marble look without all the cleaning and maintenance worries – or a distressed brick wall. These can be surprisingly convincing! The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. Contact us today to discuss your design concept.

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