Frameless mirrors can integrate with a lot of design themes, from modern and sleek to classic and classy. Large mirrors can help to open up and brighten small rooms or dark areas, giving the illusion of more space.

Accurate Glass can manufacture and install custom frameless mirrors precisely and professionally for any project, from bathrooms and ensuites to gyms and fitness studios.

Feature mirror installations are also a specialty. In addition to standard silver mirrors, we can supply and install tinted mirrors in bronze or grey, antique mirrors, or bevelled mirrors for a timeless feature wall like the dining area opposite.

We can supply and install mirrors for bathrooms, ensuites, wardrobe doors, cupboard doors, mirrored splashbacks, gym spaces or anywhere else you may want them.


Modern mirrors begin production as huge ribbons of glass, which are plated with a micron thin layer of either silver or aluminium, and then backed with a layer of copper and finally protective paint. The quality of this process contributes to how long the mirror will last. Cheap, inferior quality mirrors may have insufficient coating thickness or quality, which can cause the coating to oxidise, leading to “black edge”. This stock is then cut into large sheets and transported to glass workshops around the world. When an order is placed, the glass is cut to size, the edges are polished (if required), and special machinery is used to make holes and cut outs where necessary. The mirror panels are machine washed between every stage of production and upon completion to avoid staining and scratching. The glass is then ready for delivery or installation. Normal mirrors cannot be toughened as the coating cannot withstand the high temperatures inherent to this process.

Generally, bathroom and gym mirrors are not toughened, whereas kitchen splashbacks usually are (or should be). A full height vanity mirror is functioning as a splashback in a certain sense. Toughened glass is stronger and less prone to breakage; the tradeoff is that it is more expensive, and the toughening process introduces some visual distortion, which is undesirable for a vanity mirror.  We always recommend toughened mirror for splashbacks as the kitchen is subject to a lot of heat stress, there are typically several powerpoint cut outs which can be a weak point, and knocking the glass with a heavy pan is not out of the question.  It is convention to use annealed mirrors (non-toughened) for most applications outside the kitchen. It’s best to avoid mounting power points or other fittings on the mirror where possible, as excessive pressure can cause the mirror to crack. However, when done correctly, this can usually be avoided. When fully bonded to a solid substrate such as a wall in accordance with Australian Standards, mirror is quite safe and will remain in place even if broken.

The stock sheet size we cut mirrors from is 3660 x 2440 mm, so we can make them pretty big. Of course, a full sheet is unrealistic to handle on site without special lifting equipment. The maximum size is generally dependent on site access. 3000 x 1500 mm should be possible on sites with excellent access. 2400 x 1200 mm is more realistic for many sites. If access is via an elevator, this will likely be a limiting factor. Contact us with some details about your job and the sizes you would like, and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Yes, but there is some risk of the mirror cracking if excessive pressure is applied to the cut out. If you want to do this, try to keep your fittings at least 100mm away from the edge of the mirror, and ensure the wall behind is solid, flat and does not flex. We can apply a special adhesive around the cut out to limit the risk of cracking, and will ensure the glass is not cracked during installation. However, we cannot provide a long term warranty against cracking, as we have no way of knowing if someone has pushed or pulled on the fitting inappropriately (when changing a light globe, for example). If this worries you, mount your fittings somewhere else wherever possible. Cut outs and holes also add complexity and thus cost to the mirror installation. 

We cannot cut holes into your existing mirror.

Frameless mirrors simply have a polished (or sometimes bevelled) edge, and are generally glued onto the wall surface. Other mounting options are available on request. Mirror can be fixed onto any flat sound substrate, including tiles or plasterboard. You may choose to have your tiler leave a space for us to recess the mirror into the surrounding tiles for a flush finish. Alternatively, a backing board such as melamine or MDF can be fixed to the wall first to create a “standoff” effect. This also presents an opportunity for ambient backlighting. Accurate Glass can also precision manufacture and install full width, vanity to ceiling mirrors to make that modest sized ensuite feel bright and open. We silicone seal (caulk) all of our flush fitting and full width mirrors to an excellent standard.

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