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Toughened Mirror splashbacks offer a stylish alternative to coloured or printed glass splashbacks whilst providing a greater sense of depth and space in your kitchen, bathroom or other wet area of your home. 

Our mirror splashbacks (sometimes referred to as ‘mirrored splashbacks’) are made from the same industry standard 6mm Grade A Toughened safety glass as our regular glass splashbacks and are available in popular plain (silver), bronze and grey (sometimes called smoked or metallic) variants to compliment your modern kitchen, laundry and bathroom decors. We also have additional choices in our growing toughened mirror splashback range such as our Cobalt (blue-grey tinted), charcoal (darker grey), and a new range of custom Antiqued mirror products. 

By only using toughened glass, our mirror splashbacks are heat resistant and therefore suitable for use around your kitchen stove top and fully compliant with Australian Standards and the NCC. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, outstanding workmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. Contact Accurate Glass Splashbacks Melbourne to discuss the perfect glass splashback for your kitchen and request a free quote via the button below. 


Accurate Glass & Splashbacks pride ourselves on providing the highest quality mirror glass splashbacks available in Melbourne, backed by expert installation and exceptional customer service. We offer our mirror glass splashbacks throughout all Melbourne suburbs with a focus on the local South Eastern suburbs. Request a free mirror splashback quote in your home now via the button below.


No. Normal mirrors are not toughened, and cannot be toughened as the silver reflective coating would burn off. The stock used for our core mirror splashback products is pre-coated with a special reflective coating that can withstand the high temperatures (around 700°c) of the toughening process. They then require a paint backing to protect the reflective coating and make sure the panels are fully opaque. Toughened glass is only required by building codes if you have a gas cooktop in your kitchen, however, we believe all splashbacks should be toughened. We regularly get asked to remove and replace non-toughened splashbacks which have cracked due to thermal shock, impact, or building movement.

Our Antique mirror splashbacks are created using an entirely different process – normal clear or tinted glass is processed and toughened, and it is then “silvered”, antiqued and backed with a traditional enamel paint all by hand, in a completely boutique process, ensuring no two pieces are the same and your mirror splashback is uniquely yours.

We have a variety of finish option for toughened mirror splashbacks to suit your home – our core range consists of; plain (silver), grey, charcoal (darker grey), and bronze. We also offer antique mirror finishes, with 3 antique effects available on silver, grey and bronze glass, this results in 9 possible options for antique mirror finishes. We can offer you expert advice on selecting the correct finish for your home. 

In most domestic settings, tinted mirror splashbacks look best with light to mid coloured benchtops. White, off white, or concrete grey finishes work really well. We often combine these with or grey and charcoal mirror splashbacks for stunning results. If you have warm (brownish) tones in your space, be it in the benchtop, floor or elsewhere, or copper/brass accessories, bronze can be a fantastic choice. If you have a darker coloured benchtop, silver is the best option, unless you are going for a very dark, futuristic look – perhaps in a bar, club or restaurant setting. Of course, this is all subjective, and we are happy to supply any finish you desire – after all, it’s your home!

All of our core range of mirror splashbacks are available up to 3600mm long per panel. Note that in some cases we may need to split panels around your windows or in other locations where there is a transition from a wide to a very narrow section. Our “grey” tone is available in up to 5000mm, although there are more limitations on processing,  and additional charges and lead time may apply. Antique mirror splashback panel sizes are subject to assessment on a per job basis – the max length is interdependent with the panel height. Send us your approx. desired sizes and we will let you know what we can do with an antique mirror product for your space.

Popular Mirror Kitchen Splashback Styles

Antique / Distressed Mirror Splashbacks

From a subtle tarnished/vintage/aged look, to spectacular splashes of copper, bronze and purple tones, our antique mirror splashbacks, sometimes referred to as ‘distressed mirror splashbacks’ – are individually hand crafted right here in Melbourne and no two pieces are the same. We have a variety of options available to suit your tastes and these can all be produced on clear, grey or bronze 6mm toughened glass.

Metallic / Smoked Grey Mirror Splashbacks

Smoked mirror splashbacks provide an added sense of depth to your kitchen with a more muted reflection than a standard mirror finish – making them ideal for creating a sleek, modern design without overwhelming the eye.

Charcoal / Black Mirror Splashbacks

Providing a darker reflection than smoked grey finishes, a charcoal mirror splashback’s colour tone is almost black, providing a statement piece for your ultra modern kitchen design. 

Bronze Mirror Splashbacks

Bronze mirror splashbacks offer a warmer brown tone when compared to greys, which pairs well with timber surfaces and copper or brass accents for a timeless and elegant touch. 

Note: Mirrors and mirror splashbacks are notoriously difficult to photograph, and images can be very misleading due to camera/monitor settings and lighting. As such, we recommend viewing samples in person in order to select the best colour tone for your mirror splashback.

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