Structural frameless glass balustrades, when properly designed and installed, are strong, low maintenance and elegant. They can help to make the difference for your property to classify as a premium quality build rather than an average one. They can be designed to allow or limit airflow and wind, and to provide unobstructed views, or additional privacy (using translucent or opaque glass).



Accurate Glass & Splashbacks can supply and install cost effective modular options, or unique custom designed and made solutions for your glass balustrading requirements.



Unfortunately many contractors offering glass balustrading don’t recognise the complex engineering and performance requirements unique to a given property. This is not a one-size-fits all scenario. There are many aspects to consider in regards to safety, durability and compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. Accurate Glass and Splashbacks can offer you expert design and installation that meets or exceeds all relevant requirements, with a full Warranty.



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